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Born and raised on the rugged Northern California coast where the mountains touch the sea, I was introduced to nature and nurtured by it in a most intimate way. The majestic Redwoods watched over me as I admired the delicate ferns and lilies that hid in the darkness of the giants' shade. How could something so incredibly lovely hide there, inconspicuous to the sleeping eye, yet so powerful to the seeing? My creations hide in the depths of my soul, waiting to be revealed just as the lilies.

As a young girl, I played in the black beach sand and cold sea water, feeling the textures and sensations of life. I bathed nude with the fish in the rivers and streams and it all took me away from the harsh realities of home. Home was as rough as the mountains and rugged coastline with which I was so familiar but in contrast, the flowing yet powerful sea and floral valleys were my shelter and comfort, the spiritual haven where I was free to dream and converse with the divine. I sat in​​ quiet contemplation in the mountains on large stones protruding out of a lush meadow of wildflowers. I watched and listened to the orchestra of nature and saw the perfection of it all, God's canvas and color pallet. It inspired me and my creations birthed from these experiences.


The fascination of form and color remained with me as I went on to study art and design, professionally working with interior environments as well as creating art through color and texture.​​

My roots are evident in my creations with use of the female form; the nurturer and symbol of creation as one with nature and the universe. To nurture means to bring up, help develop, help grow, or provide with nourishment. This is the basis and purpose of my art that I create for you … and I ... as one.​​

~ Polina​

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